About Us


Welcome to Vatandosh! It is a cultural and community center of Uzbek and Central Asian people in North America.

Vatandosh Uzbek-American Federation is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization. We promote the social welfare of our members by developing and fostering cultural and social awareness and relations between the American and Uzbek people in the United States. Our Uzbek-American Community Center serves as a venue for cultural, educational, sports, and religious activities, where interest in, and appreciation of, the Uzbek Cultural Heritage, language, customs, music, dance, arts and sports are promoted and stimulated.

Our Services

Matrimonial Services


“Happy family” is a Vatandosh-sponsored matrimonial service that provides marriage opportunities for men and women seeking a spouse.

Free Language Courses


Vatandosh offers its community members free language courses in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Funeral Services


Vatandosh provides funeral and burial services for members of the Uzbek community living in and around New York City.

Sport Activities


With the help of our compatriot Mansur Jumaev, Vatandosh opened Judo training group in Brooklyn, NY.



Vatandosh offers free educational seminars on important topics such us tax filing, immigration and application for social benefits.

Office Resources


Vatandosh provides space and resources in its office for organizing various educational activities for children and adults.